Small business websites - using the global internet to reach local markets

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The global internet is not as global as small business owners may think it is, in fact the global internet can be extremely effective for local markets. If a small business takes the time to develop their website to be an online marketing tool instead of just an online business card they could tap into a market beyond their expectations. The internet and website design are a tool and market that small business underestimate. The reason is most often that they think it is too costly. The truth of the matter is small business often make a very crucial mistake. They deal with a “website designer” instead of dealing with an online marketing company to develop their small business website.

So why would I call that a mistake? The reason is simple and what is worse is that many small businesses don’t even realize they are making a mistake. Most of the “uncle john” website designers they are using have no idea what having an online marketing tool means. So their small business website becomes an online business card instead of an online marketing tool. To top it off, most of them choose a website designer that does not know how to optimize a website for local markets. So now one of the most effective marketing tools the small business could have had, has been completely wasted. If a small business would realize the potential of what a small business website could really be, not only would they have a much better marketing tool, but they could in fact end up saving thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

By simply making a good decision, and using a marketing company that specializes in small business marketing to build their website, the small business could streamline their marketing efforts. Wasting less money and making more, by putting a little bit more up front they could in fact be saving thousands of dollars a year while making more because their marketing is not only streamlined, but effective as well.

So the next time you see a small business without a website. Or you see a small business with a website that has “About us” as the first link on their website. Give them a friendly hint and tell them they could use their website to make money instead of tickling their ego. Be honest, is the information about the company really what sells and what should be the focus of a website from a marketing perspective? Or is it just there to tickle the owners’ ego? Think about any large website that has had success, do they start by telling you about how long they have been around and who the owners are? What makes you think a small business website should be any different? It shouldn’t be any different, what is different is that the large website or company understands how to use the internet like an effective marketing tool, while the small business owner does not.