PPC campaigns - the devil in disguise?

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Recently more and more small business owners have told me how PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are the money devil in disguise. How they setup their campaign, or has yellow companies set them up, and it costing far more than what they are getting from it. So are Pay per Click the devil in disguise, or could there possibly be more to the story?


Over the past few months we have started talking to more people about doing PPC campaigns and what a great option they are. To a little bit of a surprise we are finding out that many businesses have already done this, and then stopped! When we start digging about why they stopped it is pretty much always the same reason, their ROI was not what they expected.

So doing our due diligence we of course started asking questions about why it didn´t work, who set it up for them, if they did it themselves, and why they think it didn´t work. Here are some of the best outtakes.

1. A Yellow company (not to name anyone) set it up for me and I was hardly seeing any clicks for they what they were charging me.

2. I set it up myself and used all the recommendation that the provider (Search engine) told me to use.

3. I had the focus on the top single most searched keyword for my industry.

4. I was trying to get clients from all over the US, that way I can expand quickly.

5. I didn´t really understand what I was doing, so I kind of just did what I thought was best, but it never really returned anything that I know of.

6. My uncle had set one of these up for his business. Now that he has gone out of business he can put more time into helping with mine. (Yes, we did get this answer but only once, just thought it was funny and deserved to be on the list).
Now setting up a PPC campaign can be a little tricky, none of the responses that we actually got where a real surprise (except the last one of course). PPC is not about bidding the max bid on the keyword for your industry, it is about balancing your budget with competitive keywords.

Sometimes you have to deliberately setup things up in a way that does not make sense in order for them to make sense. Many times you have to bid below what is the first page bid, to actually show up on the first page throughout the day, and many times you should not bid on single keywords for your industry. As a small business owner, and having had to setup one of these when I first started out a long time ago, my one recommendation to you as a business owner or marketing director, is to have a professional set one of these up for you. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but it will also increase your ROI and actually make the campaign worth it. Pay per click campaigns are probably one of the trickiest things to setup, that you can actually do yourself, of all the online marketing elements. Set them up right and they are the best form of advertising you can buy.