Not Getting Any Leads From Your Website?

Category: Websites

We hear this from small business owners all the time: My website isn’t generating any business so why should I bother with it? Isn’t that kind of like saying: My salesperson isn’t selling anything, so I’ll just leave him alone and let him do his own thing?

The reality is that if your website is not generating any business, it could also be hurting your business. Here is why. Approximately 72% of consumers will check out a company’s website before doing business with them. This means that it doesn’t matter how they heard about you, they will still make sure your website looks like “someone” they would like to do business with and then decide.

Here is where the problem really comes into play. If your website isn’t good enough to generate leads on its own, do you think it is good enough to encourage people to do business with you? Chances are that if your website is not generating business, it’s most likely costing you business. Not only in the form of leads not generated but also in the form of people deciding not to contact you after being referred to you.

How can you tell if your website has these issues? It’s simple. First check if your website accounts for any of your business. Unless you have a phone number specifically for your website that is used for tracking, you can do this by asking people who call.  Next, check the data behind the website. How many people have been on your website? What pages did they visit, how long did they stay on your site and how many of those visits can you trace back to phone calls received?

At the end of the day for the service industry or non-e-commerce sites, email to phone leads should be about 1 to 10 - for every email you get with a real lead, 10 people will call you. So when is the last time your website generated an email lead for you?