Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a dream come true, or it’s a pipe dream. Your results will depend upon how good you are at setting it up as well as how much your business would benefit from it. Marketing automation is not a tool you use to fill the lead “bucket”. Used correctly, it’s a tool that handles a lead once it’s been put in the bucket! Keep that in mind when talking about marketing automation.

Why is marketing automation such a hot button topic right now? Because it’s highly misunderstood and people think it does way more then what it actually does. In other words, it is the current thing being sold as the “magic marketing bullet” (which doesn’t exist).

So what is marketing automation really and should you be using it? 

For those with a long sales cycle or many repeat purchases, marketing automation is brilliant. Think of it like an email marketing/direct mail template, that will automatically send out notices or notes to your customers at ideal timing intervals. You add the person once and then the “system” markets to them for however long you have it setup to reach out - usually until the lead either dies off or becomes a customer.

Marketing automation is something every business should consider. Even though you will never automate your marketing 100%, by having at least some automation in place your basic marketing tasks will continue to be tended to even when things get busy and your follow up marketing falls by the wayside. 

If you want to have a talk and see if marketing automation is right for you and if so how to best set it up, then reach out and take advantage of our hour long complimentary consultation. You may find out that this is a perfect, or horrible, part of your overall marketing efforts. 

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