When Putting Together a Social Media Strategy – Provide Value!

Category: Online Marketing

Recently we sat in on an event where the topic was putting together your social media strategy and every other word out of the speakers’ mouths was – Provide value! With everybody listening intently you could tell by the look on their faces that everybody was waiting on clarification that never came.

What amazed me was that three people could go on a rant for almost an hour and a half and never give the audience a glimpse into what this “value” thing was. The speakers used it like they where getting paid every time they said value, yet they provided none. (You see where this is going. You are now on line and still have no value even though the word is being used a lot).

So, let’s get to the point. What is this “value” that you are supposed to be providing?

The more you have your demographic profile and your avatar defined, the easier it becomes to define what this ever elusive “value” is. The value can be everything from lightening somebody’s day to providing valuable information. It may involve sharing some silliness, access to a guideline, or simply posting something you think would interest a potential client. Here’s the best part, it can even be shared from a 3rd party.

In order to make this a little easier for you to see in person here some social media feeds we recommend you look at, they all provide this “value” – but all do so in extremely different ways.


1.       Nike Twitter  (Value – inspiration)

2.       Wendy’s Twitter  (Value - Humor)

3.       Grunt Style Facebook  (Value - Patriotism/Veteran unity)

4.       Thompson Reuters Facebook  (Value – World Information)

5.       Weight Watchers Twitter  (Value - Health)

6.       College Humor Youtube  (Value - Humor)

There are thousands of examples like this, where brands aren’t simply advertising what they want you to buy in content form, rather they are advertising their personalities (their value proposition).


So think of it in these terms: What do your customers truly value? What would make them value you as a company? Here is one more tip: If you think of the value as something they would appreciate, it may make it simpler when you start putting together your strategy.