What if my website was a car?

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Yes, we know this may sound odd, but in this article we will explain how buying a website relates to buying a car. What type of car would be comparable to the types of websites you would look at buying and hopefully help explain that a comparing what you are getting is not always comparing quotes head on.

So before you start reading this we just want to make it very clear that this is written just to give you a general idea of what you are comparing. It does not mean that something is better than other things, it should just help you understand that buying what is right for you is more important than who you buy it from. Not everyone needs or wants to drive a Mercedes, for some people a Ford may be all they need or want and for some they might need a tractor.

Let´s start with something that we are seeing more and more of, the do it yourself website builders that are a dime a dozen right now. Getting a website from these types of services is kind of like buying a 10 year old used car, it may get the job done, but you always worry if it will hold up or actually get the job done you need it to do. If that is all you can afford, that this is something you might have to look at and possibly use. It gets the job done, but not something you would recommend for someone using a vehicle to build their business long term.

The next one would be using open source content management systems and template designs. This is more like buying a new low end car, it gets the job done, and it is reliable and will work for quite a few years. But it is probably not the car you really want to show up in when you go and meet customers, unless of course that is your target market and that is what they expect to see. If you want to spruce up that car a little bit you hire someone to custom design it and add some personal touches to it. That would be like adding a personal touch to the car, like buying the sports package. You can tell it is not the base model, but you know it is not quite what you wanted it to be and then you realize it doesn´t really come with the warranty you thought it did. Open source is like buying a car, but there is nobody that is responsible if something breaks, because there is not a single company or entity that created it.

From there you would probably move to proprietary content management systems, these are normally designed with specific purposes in mind and built to grow and be integrated based on the company’s growth. Depending on what type of system you get, it can be anything from a low end vehicle to top of the line cars. What most of these have in common is that they have a full warranty, if something doesn´t work, there is one place you go to have it fixed. Many agencies use their own content management systems because it allows them to understand how it is built from the ground up, thus understand exactly what is needed to fix it or add to it.

The last one, would be the specialty vehicles, these would be things like commerce platforms, squeeze page builders and similar things. Systems like that are normally specific to unique tasks, which would be similar to buying a van, truck or tractor. They are great for what they are designed to do, but if you try to use them for other things, they just quite do not get the job done right.