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Having a website used to be an extremely important part of an overall marketing campaign.

Now it is THE most important part of a marketing campaign.

There is no way around it, if your website is bad, your marketing results are likely going to be bad. That is why we almost always start by taking a peek at the website to see what we are dealing with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you are doing direct mail, email marketing, attending a tradeshow or talking to the person face to face. At some point they will check out your website. 

A website will do one of two things: impress the person enough to take action or disappoint them enough for them to lose interest. Based on website and marketing data, there is very little room for anything in between. That is why it is important to have a good site; a site that will impress the right audience.

We approach every website like we do everything else. We carefully explore the objectives, goals and purpose of the website before making any recommendations. Not every website serves the same purpose, nor would we expect it to be used the same way by everyone. Once again, it’s finding the right balance between how you will use it and how your customers will interact with it. Having an overengineered website is no better than having one that is lacking.

When you are ready to have a website developed that is approached from the right mindset, then please give us a call. Even if it’s the only thing we work on with you, we will at least know you have a good base for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Call us at 215-368-8900 or email us today for your free hour consultation and let’s see what an ideal website for your business might need.

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