The Outlook of Marketing in 2019

Category: General

Marketing is always changing, and this is what we see happening in 2019. The items below make up a good base for most marketing efforts. Of course, there are other mediums that are highly effective, but these are the ones we see as deserving particular mention at this time.

1.       Hyper Targeting

Hyper targeting is going to be more prevalent and a great strategy in 2019. It will also be the key to spending your money wisely. Instead of thinking in large broad scopes of who you are marketing to, pick a very niche audience and go after it…. All out and everywhere!

2.       Video

This will be the most over-hyped tool in 2019. There is more video being uploaded every week then any human being could watch in a lifetime. There are predictions that video will rule bandwidth and internet usage in 2019, but that does not mean they will be watching your stuff. If you are going to get into the video game, do it with a purpose and understanding of who you are targeting with your video. Creating videos just to create videos serves no purpose what so over.

3.       Microsites

These sites are hybrids between landing pages and websites. Major brands have started using these - some for long periods of time, some to support a single campaign or event and others  just for a day. Microsites can be a great way to reach a niche audience on a niche topic. So consider these a legitimate option for you in 2019.

4.       Personalization

If content is king personalization is its queen. This goes hand in hand with hyper targeted marketing. People don’t want things to be generic any longer. Basically, they want it personalized; ideally, you put their name on it.

5.       Email Marketing

This is something that never went away, but we believe the strategic use of emails will have a huge impact again in 2019. If you can utilize it correctly and send the right information to the right audience in your database, this can be a huge opportunity., Even if you have regular emails going out, 2019 is the year to review what emails you send to whom. It’s time to stop making the assumption that everybody wants to hear the same message.

6.       Social Media

Social media can be effective as long as you keep up with the basics. That includes somewhat regular posts and making sure you are on the right platform based on your target market. To really capitalize on social media, utilize the ad platforms on these mediums. Many businesses haven’t even begun to tap into ad platforms fully. 

7.       Direct mail 

Last but not least, we think that direct mail is going to be the ruler of the marketing kingdom again in 2019. Of course, that is assuming you utilize it correctly. The age of sending out thousands of mailers and taking a shotgun approach is probably gone. What will rule is targeting your mail to the right audience and hitting them often, in conjunction with other mediums.

Good luck with your marketing in 2019! If there is anything we can do to help, then please feel free to reach out!