Social Media - the resource thief or millionaire maker?

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Once upon a time, there was a place where users could share information about their day, who they are friends with and generally stalk each other online. Before the time of Facebook, there was a place called Myspace. Back in the early days of social media, it was the hottest thing in marketing. Marketers generated millions of dollars in business, using nothing but social media. Does this marketing method still work today?

We remember when we first got into this industry, knowing about social media and all the bots to run automated campaigns was a must. It was the hottest thing in marketing since the invention of direct mail and anybody who was anybody was doing it. We used many of the techniques ourselves when we first got started, with enough success to justify the time being spent. Then, technology evolved and social media boomed. More importantly than that, is what happened alongside this boom.

Over the last couple of years it seems that everyone has some kind of social account, be it a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Google+ profile. With this advancement in social media, they (the networks) also had to be careful of making sure their users did not go away like had happened to most of them in the past. By doing this, they also created problems for us marketers, which new solutions had to be found for.

With the social media sites now looking out for their users, the brute force methods of the past no longer works. Users can now select what information they receive and they do not, it’s no longer an information overload. Which means for you as someone marketing on this media platform, actually have to make an effort. You have to make the users choose to follow not only you, but also your posts. They may like your business, they may be a friend of your business profile, but are they really reading, sharing and reposting your information? If not, the answer is simple; you are wasting your resources.

Are we saying that you should not be on social media then? Absolutely not, you should have a basic presence on the major ones; in fact every business should setup a business profile on at least 3 of the major players in this arena. All we are saying is that without a consistent strategy and serious time put into social media, you are not going to see the type of return you can see from other advertising options. Social media can be a great option for marketing, but it should not be on the top of your list, in fact we are not even sure it should make it to the top 5 of your list. With all the options that are out there, social media should be an addition to everything else you do, not a primary thing you do.