Search engine marketing - not as easy as meta 1, 2, 3. SEO now has value!

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Following up on the changes on Google, there has been a trend of comments and advisements made to the webmasters of new and developing markets. This brings up some very interesting questions. Are the “old” SEO techniques becoming obsolete, and are SEO experts justifying the way they do things instead of adapting to what Google is doing?

When looking at search engine marketing, there are always two questions that come to mind. The first being, what is the purpose of the search engine and secondly, how would that best be achieved? Armed with these two questions, and a little help from the Google webmaster blog, the answers to those questions seem fairly simple. If you get question one wrong, then question two gets you in a lot of trouble!

The more research you do, the more you can see an emerging trend of new ways of ranking sites. The old-school way of using “meta” tags, seems to becoming an obsolete art form and weighs in less and less every time there is an update to the algorithms the search engines use (specifically Google). Knowing what the purpose of the search engine is, will be the foundation for any search engine marketing you do. To help you get started, here is a hint in regards to what the answer to question number 1 is. The search engine focuses around users, not websites.
If meta tags were the controller or affected search engine results, chances are that it would have to be policed manually. I don’t know about you, but I would hate to have the job of checking the crawler results with actual content. So if we just look at it from a common sense standpoint, meta tags don’t make sense because they are to easy to abuse! Crawling through your content on the other hand, seems to make more sense. So content is going to be far more important than any meta tag you put on your site. So get ready to argue with some of the SEO dinosaurs out there!

Secondly, and something that is a hot topic these days, are in and out-bound links. Yes, the links going away from your website and coming to it. This is where you are going to really start seeing some results with your search engine marketing. Once again, this is a common sense factor, and you can see from new guidelines listed by Google, that this is going to be an extremely high value aspect of being ranked. With the focus Google is putting on these factors and the amount of work they seem to be doing in regards to removing value of inbound links from certain websites. Keeping question number one in mind, this should lead you to the same conclusion as I came to. They are finding a way to make inbound links more valuable than they currently are, and starting to eliminate the option of you “buying” a first page ranking based on inbound links.

All in all, it is time for SEO experts, website owners and internet marketers to start adapting. The world of SEO is changing, and those who use the dinosaur methods, and waste time on meta tags will soon be left behind.