Just starting out your business and no idea where to start?

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Every year thousands of new businesses open up, yet the market doesn´t get condensed because as quickly as they came, they are gone again. Most of these businesses never even understand why this happened, other than the fact that they didn´t make any money. So what can you do differently in order to maximize your success? Here are a few tips that we hope you can use.

Get a good logo
Every so often we hear that when you are starting out a logo is not really important. It is something you can just make yourself, or even worse, just use some clipart. Your logo is the core of your identity, it is what people will remember you by. So we would think twice before just using “something” as a logo.

Minimize Branding Damage
We know there are companies like Vista Print, Staples and other companies that will give you free business cards. That will give you “cool” business cards and all that stuff. As much as we like these sites and appreciate the free stuff they give away, free isn´t always better. When you have business cards or other material printed, try to minimize the amount of graphics and colors on your cards. Keep things consistent, pick a single color or two and keep it clean. It is easier to build when you haven´t already done the damage, then try to brand you based on random artwork you picked out cause it was free or cool. Also, pay the $20 to have the advertisement from them taken off. You should be focused on your business, not theirs!

Cut the right corners
When you are starting out it is tempting to cut corners, just make sure you do not cut the wrong ones, because those can cost you more than you realize. This applies to your business as a whole and to your marketing of course. If you talk to experts in their field, they will be able to help you with this. An honest company will tell you where it is ok to cut corners and where you shouldn´t. You buy the better computer, but get the free business cards. Instead, get the computer that is enough to get your work done and get the business cards that will look better. By getting a computer that is enough, rather than the top of the line, you have just saved enough money to pay for your logo design and your business cards!

Don’t assume that free is better
Sometimes free is good, sometimes it is a business killer. It all depends on what you are getting free at what the impact of it is. We already talked about things like free business cards, they can be great, but understand that when you hand that to a business professional, they will turn the card around and see the advertisement from who you got the cards from. Like it or not, you have just been put into a category, and it may not be the one you want to be in. There are plenty of free services out there that are great and can be a very good solution. Then there are free or even cheap services that end up costing you more, because it may lead to people NOT doing business with you. So pick your freebies carefully.

Go viral and go social!
That is the new thing in online marketing, be on every social network all the time! This couldn´t be farther from reality, not every business belongs on every social network. Find the one that suits your business and targets your clientele, and then focus on that to begin with. If you want to do social media the right way, then you will not have time to do all of them when you are starting out. So pick your battles and evaluate which social network will be best for your business. Put the others on hold. Also make sure you have a strategy for how you are going to use these sites, you can´t just setup a profile and then do nothing.

Of course there are many more things you need to think about as a startup, but we hope that these 5 tips will help you a little bit. Should you have any questions about your marketing and what you should and shouldn´t do, then please feel free to give us a call. Our people are all trained to help you understand what you need and what you don´t need to focus on when it comes to your marketing. In other words, we understand you have to cut corners, so we will help you understand what marketing corners you can get away with cutting initially.