Is your website just an extended business card or is it a marketing and sales tool?

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With the internet being even more competitive today than it was 7 years ago when I started in the online marketing industry being able to utilize it matters even more. Yet for some reason there are still businesses out there that think they can get away with having a website that not only does not provide results, but also looks like their 13 year old nephew set it up.

The reality of the situation, with the internet market is maturing, and consumers demanding more from websites is that doing it yourself (or having your nephew do it) is no longer good enough for most business types if they want business from their website. Having a poor website is and will not help make you more money or get new customers; in fact it is costing you more than you probably are aware of!  

Having a website that is an online brochure or just and extension of your business card is a 10 year old idea. With the internet evolving as quickly as it has, working with a 10 year old concept is going to get you only one place, and get you there fast… nowhere! So no matter what your excuse is then it is time to take a good cold, hard, realistic look at your website and ask the question. Does my website hack it in today´s online market? For 90% of small businesses the answer to that question is: No it does not.  

I am sad to say but for many small businesses the best option at this point is simply to take down their website and put their logo, a nice graphic and their phone number up on their website. Since chances are that will bring them more business than what they are getting now, simply because they will not be scaring off customers any more.  

In a blink of an eye people judge you, your business and what they think you can do for them based on your website. If your website looks thrown together by a hacker (or your nephew), doesn´t look “fancy” enough or is simply confusing, that is the impression the consumer gets of your business. So it is imperative that your website looks good, has a good flow and a call to action. Without those things you simply are not going to see the business from those consumers.  

So why should you care if you get those client or not? The internet and small business websites are the key to growth in today´s economic world with over 50% of consumers finding what they need locally online, that means they find what they need and decide who to do business with before they ever leave their house! This means that your competitor is only one click away, and if his websites looks better than yours then your fate is already sealed with that consumer, he is driving the extra 6 miles to see your competitor! Today is the day to do something about your website, if you do it tomorrow you have already lost out on more than 50% of your potential new clients and for most businesses loosing that much business should be all the encouragement they need to finally have a professional help them. Just make sure that your pro knows what he is doing and that he creates an online marketing tool for your business, not just another business card!