Internet marketing requires basic business sense

Category: General

Many people talk as if internet marketing is something everyone should get into because it is so easy to do and there is so much money to be made online. Unfortunately internet marketing is just like any other business, 9 out of 10 never make any money and end up quitting. This means that only about 10% of people actually end up making any money from their work on the internet.

Do not despair just because of those numbers; you can easily get into the 10% group of sites that do make money. All it takes is some basic business sense and the right tools for the job. Just like with a brick and mortar business, you need some basic skills to make it a success. The key component of course, is to know what to invest and when to invest. Since you have two things you can invest, time and money, it is imperative that you not only know when to invest each of these but that you are willing to invest both. In the case of most internet marketers time is the essential thing because the financial investment can be made minimal.    
So what should you invest your money in? The first things I would suggest that you invest in, is something to build your website or squeeze page along with hosting. Don´t be afraid to pay a little bit more for these things to make sure that you have both support and reliability. The other thing you need to invest in is some kind of mailing software or auto-responder. If you are looking to build a real website that does more than just build a list for affiliate marketing your investment is going to be larger. What that investment is varies depending on what type of site you are looking to create.    Your time is the key to making all of this work and to make sure that you business becomes a success. Sitting around waiting for things to happen is a waste of time, thus it is a wasted investment.
If someone tells you that you can simply set things up and that will be it, then beware because chances are that someone is just looking to take your money. If you are to make your internet business a success you are going to have to take the time to build it. The beauty of it is of course that the bigger it gets the less time you have to put into the business to make the same amount of money. It may take you 40 hours to make $1,000 now but you could do that in 2 hours once your business gets bigger. The investment of your time goes down as your income goes up.    Use your time carefully since that is going to be your largest investment; make sure that it is being utilized to the fullest when you are dedicating time to your business. Your time is going to be far more important than money, so make sure you have tools that are easy to work with and allow you to focus on your marketing. Building your website and spending time on learning technical stuff is a bad investment unless you plan on becoming a programmer.
Pay someone to do you basic setup work and focus on your marketing, which will be the key to making it online. This is of course given that you have the skills and knowledge to do online marketing, if you don´t then you have to invest in your education as well. There are plenty of really good guides that can explain to you how to do effective marketing online and that are what you should be focused on.