Google does it again!

Category: General

They are on a roll with updating the algorithm, trying to make things better for their users. As much as we appreciate Google working on this, we understand that it may create problems for the SEO people. But this is once again good news for you and your small business, as this update now will try to rank more time relevant content first.

So what does this update do in regards to search results on the search giant? It is fairly simple, they are now assuming that users are looking for not only relevant content, but also timely content. So if you go in and search for “Google Update” then in theory the search results that should show up first are the updates they did in November of 2012, rather than the ones did in the spring of 2012. Same thing applies if you are looking for information about the Olympics for example, they will now try to show content related to the upcoming event, rather than past Olympic events.

Now to the important stuff, this means that you have to make sure that you are updating the content on your website. New articles, news from the community and about your business and what you do are now going to be considered more important, than outdated content and information that may be out there already. According to Google this will affect 35% of all websites right away, but over time it will have a more severe effect.

The other feature that is now making Google unique is the +1 option they have added. This allows users to now rate quality content and improve the ranking of quality content. For the first time in history, the algorithm now takes human opinion into consideration. Chances are that this will become more widely used as the human brain and actual opinions of users experience are invaluable information. So make sure your website is up to date and that you can add fresh quality content consistently.

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