Print and Mail

One is not a replacement for the other. They are two separate and unique tools!

Many people are under the impression that email marketing is a cheaper and better form of direct mail. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as one is not a replacement for the other. They both have a purpose, audience and most importantly measurable results.


Email marketing is a valuable tool. It’s a great way to reach out quickly, cheaply and if done right, somewhat effectively. It all depends on what your email marketing strategy is and what results you are expecting from it. Remember that with all the tools out there that have made this easier, people are now also getting more emails then ever, so the importance of doing it right matter more now then ever before.

Don’t just start firing emails out to people that may not want them. Instead put together a strategy for those that sign up for your email. Part of that strategy could even be a drip campaign as part of your marketing automation effort.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a fantastic tool to use. In fact, many people underestimate its value as an effective marketing tool. The reality is that direct mail can be and should be considered as a key tool for anyone looking to market locally.  

A well designed direct mail campaign can be a key part of a successful marketing campaign. Just like the right use of an email campaign, direct mail can help your marketing dollars go further. It all comes down to…. you guessed it, how you use the tools available and the strategy behind it.

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