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What is a brand? The logo, the feel, the website, the people? In fact, it is all those things and more. Your brand is any interaction a potential customer has with your business, both those you control and those you do not.

So how do we help with your brand experience? 

We can help on many levels, but it all starts on the inside. If your internal brand isn’t setup properly, your external brand is basically just guesswork. That is why we often recommend that you go through our internal branding process before moving on to branding as you may traditionally think of it.

External brand development is another key element of marketing. It helps define and outline exactly what we want the user experience to be. This can be anything from touching up a logo, redoing a website or re-designing the entire brand. Sometimes it takes a little, for some it takes a lot. You may think you need one thing, and then once we start going through the process we may discover that you need something entirely different. We never know exactly what will be involved until after we finish.

Graphic Design

We approach every design from a marketing mindset, not just as designers. So you can rest assured that no matter what marketing piece you need designed, our team can help you put together that perfect design to get the job done. From simple business card designs, large wall graphics or mounted prints, to complex catalogs and website designs, our designers and production people will make sure the piece you need has the intended impact.

So whether you just need a little help figuring out your brand, are ready to create a brand guide or need some design work, then we are here for you. We work with businesses just like yours and help them choose the right collateral pieces to get done what they are looking to accomplish.

Give us a call today at 215-368-8900 and schedule your complimentary consultation and have us take a look at what you need. 

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