Content That Stands the Test of Time

Category: Websites

Are you spending time jumping on and creating content about a fad?

Even though it can be great to catch the trend while it’s happening, you can’t forget to create timeless content that holds true for a long time. That is how you see long term search engine optimization results. In other words, Google likes content that doesn’t change much on sites that are active and up to date.  What do we mean by that? Your website should include pages with static content that changes rarely if at all. At the same time, it’s important to keep your entire website up to date.

Let’s look at a couple of examples. If you want to optimize for skin care, do you think you would be better off writing an article that talks about skin care in general and how you should do certain things for your skin? Or should you write an article about how to use a splashy new product to help with your skincare? Even though the two pieces would be similar, one would far outlast the other even though they are close in content.

What about marketing? How long do you think an article about chatbots would be good for? How about an article about social media marketing? Or SEO for that matter? These are things that all change rather rapidly, they are always being updated, tweaked and made different. So, a step by step guide on how to setup a chatbot today would be obsolete tomorrow. Writing about the best audience for a specific medium would be outdated the moment that demographic changes, which is more rapidly than people realize.

An article like this on the other hand, should hold its test of time since it’s general yet specific, it’s vague but to the point. More importantly, if this was written 5 years ago, it would still hold true today.

What could you start creating content about that will stand the test of time, yet still be relevant today?