AI or Human – Would You Know?

Category: Online Marketing

Was this written by a robot or a human?

Content is king - it’s overflowing, it’s everywhere, it’s constant and it’s not stopping. Because of this, we need a faster way to generate it. That’s where computers come in. Computers have the ability to create content with algorithms and carefully planned keywords for both search engine optimization and interaction rates in mind.

That time is here. It’s not a figment of our imagination or something we see in futuristic movies. Rather it’s happening right now all around you. Computers are generating content. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over “creative” to a degree and is now competing with the human brain on everything from storylines to articles to videos.

This automation or AI also carries over to other elements used in marketing. It can help with automation as well as the illusion of personalization. Examples include customer service, sharing content, distributing content and making contact with customers.

You may have experienced this on a medium like Facebook, where content being shared by some companies is not generated or decided by a human but rather by AI. Or possibly you received a communication from a messenger bot trying to funnel you to a specific product or service.  Not all of this is within reach of small businesses, but much of it can be bought from 3rd party vendors.

AI may be something for you to explore. It’s ideal if you deal with a lot of repetitive tasks, answer the same question over and over again, or use the exact same method for lead generation every time. Remember that AI is not out of reach and it may very well be the tool you are missing from your campaign.