5 Stars Don’t Always Take the Cake

Category: Online Marketing

That’s right. Just because you have a perfect 5-star rating does not mean that by default you will have a better chance of that customer choosing you or your product.

Yes, reviews are one of the most sought-after things consumers want to read these days. 70% of consumers admit to making decisions after reading reviews on products, service and companies in general before deciding what or who to go with. And yet, a 5-star review does not guarantee you success. That is because people are becoming smarter. They want more honesty - they want to know what it’s really like to deal with your company or live with your product.

Think of it in these terms: Do you own or have you used anything that was flawless or perfect? If yes, then that would deserve a 5-star glowing review. But what if there are things that could be better? What if the camera on that phone is good, but you wanted it better? What if the layout of the buttons are horrible for left handed people? What if the service company you hired didn’t use drop cloths and made things a little dirtier than necessary, but they came at a lower cost?

The bottom line is, there are almost always consumers that don’t like something about a product, service or company. What users really want to know is what are those things? Is the “bad” stuff something they can live with or will it drive them nuts?

Deep inside we know nothing is perfect. It hardly ever happens that a group of friends will all love the same restaurant, the same couch, the same TV or even the same people. Yet they are all your friends for different reasons. The psychology of online reviews is similar; we want to know the good, the bad and the ugly so we can make better decisions about what we decide to buy.