What does Authentic Empowerment Mean? Part 2

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Note: This is part 2 in my response to Pat.




In a previous newsletter you mentioned authentic empowerment. What does this mean?


Pat, PA



As a review, instilling authentic empowerment is fairly straightforward, but it’s not quick.  The basis for authentic empowerment relies on

  • Trust based relationships, and
  • Understanding the company’s internal brand


To keep this brief, last month I addressed trust. This month I will talk about the company’s brand.


Ideally, the company’s internal brand is documented and shared with all employees. The four elements of the brand are:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Company Belief Systems


The vision is a succinct statement that explains why the company is in business. Ideally it is one short sentence that uses simple words and has an emotional impact.


The mission is a brief sentence that describes what the company does.


Values explain what is important and how you do what you do.


And the company belief systems show how you succeed. Together they provide principles and guidelines for the expected daily behaviors that make up our working life.


When mutual trust and respect exists and the employees clearly understand what the company stands for (its internal brand) they are authentically empowered to do the right thing. Trust provides the motivation to act; brand knowledge provides direction in unclear situations. This combination also enables the company to operate with fewer rules and procedures and not only allow but encourage employee discretion. This is true authentic empowerment at work.


Have a great day!