Say NO to Full-Service

Category: General

Here it is plain and simple: Stop saying you are a full-service company.

Yes, we understand that you provide a smorgasbord of services. You have the skills and knowledge to do many things. But, saying you are full-service is a lazy marketing message. Worse, it’s muddled and unclear. We understand that it’s an easy way to describe what you do: You are a full-service mechanic, HVAC company, financial advisor or marketing firm.

Here is why you should drop the phrase full-service right now.

You may think that this phrase helps you to reach a bigger audience or makes it clearer what it is that you do. It doesn’t. The phrase is vague and leaves a lot of ambiguity about what you actually do. Let’s look at two examples.

Full Service Automotive Shop – Are you clear on what they do? Does this company do bodywork? Will they service your transmission (because many mechanics won’t)? Do they offer a full selection of tire choices?

What about this message instead: We service everything from Engines to Exhaust! Do you think this is a better message? Do you have a better idea of what services this automotive shop offers? Do you think this clarity will help them to attract the right audience?

Discovering the key phrase to replace full-service is not always as simple as it may seem with the mechanic, but with the right team you can always come up with a better marketing message. You will be amazed at how much clearer your marketing message becomes and how much better it works once you say no to full-service.