People Matter

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You know this – people matter. We can all think of people who are important to us. Those people definitely matter. But what about the people who are involved in your business, do they matter?

You bet. I think Howard Schultz of Starbucks said it best “A business plan is only a piece of paper, and even the greatest business plan of all will prove worthless unless the people of the company buy into it….And they will not accept it unless they both trust the leader’s judgment and understand that their efforts will be recognized and valued.” P. 103 Pour Your Heart Into It

What is Howard saying here? Bottom line – people matter. They matter more than a brilliant business plan, and they matter more than a guaranteed money making scheme. And not only do they matter, it matters what they think of you.

In the end, having loyal employees who believe in you and your vision is more likely to result in success than an outstanding plan or strategy that has no buy-in. And to get that buy-in you must build up a relationship of trust and respect.

And here is the fly in the ointment. Creating this relationship of trust and respect happens one day, one event at a time. It’s simply not possible to manufacture it when you need it. It must be developed over time.

If you are ready to act on the fact that people matter and build a relationship of trust and respect in your small business, here are six tips to guide your journey:

1.    Clearly identify your internal brand and share it with everyone.

2.    Ask questions, don’t just assume.

3.    Give before you ask others to give.

4.    Mentor others about your internal brand and vision for the future.

5.    Forgive yourself and others for mistakes; view them as learning experiences and move on.

6.    Share the glory – recognize successes and the people who contributed.