Are You Using Social Media or Are You Just There?

Category: Online Marketing

Out of about 50 small businesses whose social media we reviewed, only two seem to be getting it mostly right. So, what is your strategy and how are you using social media in this new era of technology and digital trends?

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Category: People

One day in my monthly mastermind meeting, a participant (let’s call him Bob) spent his share of the time lamenting a bad business decision. Bob was angry at how badly he was treated, and angrier at himself for not heeding the red flags he saw as he entered into the business relationship. Instead he allowed his emotional investment to override the rational part of his brain.

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Making Social Media Marketing Part of the Work Routine

Category: Online Marketing

Many times we hear from smaller businesses that they simply don’t have time for this social media stuff and they just want us to take care of all of it. Our answer is always the same: we can do some of it, but it doesn’t make sense for us to do all of it and here is why.

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Direct Mail or the more General EDDM?

Category: General

Is direct mail a viable option for your marketing? Before you decide, you need to know that there are two different types of mailings that are currently available: Traditional direct targeted mail (direct mail) and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

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A Mission for All

Category: Internal Brand

Before I specialized in internal branding and strategy, I worked as Assistant Controller. One of the most important things I did in that role was to dissect the mission statement. The organization that I worked for provided services to developmentally disabled adults and children in foster care. Working in the accounting department, my staff and I rarely came into contact with either group.

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Your Brand is in the Details

Category: Branding

I once read that “Visions are lived in the details, the everyday choices1.” I agree and would expand the statement to “Your brand is lived in the details, the everyday choices.”

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Fire the Bottom 10%?

Category: Newsletters



Our new executive director just instituted a policy that requires me to fire the bottom 10% of my staff each year. While I do currently have one staff member who is underperforming, I have difficulty working this way. What should I do?


Dan, IL

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