Three Years Too Late

Category: Internal Brand

I was leaving an evening networking event when I glanced at my phone and noticed that Gummi had called me. Since he rarely calls me in the evening unless it’s something important, I called him back. He greeted me with these words:

Gummi: “You had your vison wrong.”

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The Myth of the USP

Category: Internal Brand

You may have heard of it: the USP or unique selling proposition. Supposedly it is that one thing that distinguishes you or your company from the competition. It’s that one thing that makes you unique. It’s a bit like a unicorn - a myth.

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Core Values vs. Company Belief Systems

Category: Internal Brand

One of the questions I frequently encounter from small business owners is: How do I know if something is a core value or a company belief system?

There are 2 questions that differentiate values and company belief systems:

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Content That Stands the Test of Time

Category: Websites

Are you spending time jumping on and creating content about a fad?

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Focus on the Good

Category: Strategy

For me, one of the hardest parts of gardening is the reality that not all plants will grow. If I plant 20 seeds, there is a good chance that only 18 or 19 will sprout. And even more likely that only 15 or 16 plants will survive transplanting and grow to maturity.

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Email Marketing Metrics That Fit

Category: Online Marketing

We hear it over and over again: “I was told Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to send emails out.” Well that may be true for many, but is it true for you? Let’s explore why you shouldn’t always listen to people and averages, but rather listen to your own numbers and results.

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Give 100% Attention

Category: People


In your presentations and book, you give many valuable ideas for improving staff performance. If I were to make only one change in how I manage my staff, what would you recommend?

Beth, PA

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