Are You Using Social Media or Are You Just There?

Category: Online Marketing

Out of about 50 small businesses whose social media we reviewed, only two seem to be getting it mostly right. So, what is your strategy and how are you using social media in this new era of technology and digital trends?

When we looked at the social media presence of the majority of these small businesses something stood out: most of them are afraid to get personal. Instead their social media accounts either look dormant or like an advertising channel, neither of which is very exciting or valuable. In other words, being dormant or only posting ads is a death sentence for your social media strategy.

Just as importantly, hardly anybody responded! While we sent a message to almost everyone, only a handful got back to us. The rest of the messages are now sitting there lost in cyberspace. Well not really, they are sitting in the company’s inbox, waiting for someone to tend to them. This is now a must check for companies. With more and more people utilizing the messaging platforms on social media, making sure you respond to these messages is almost as important as answering your phone!

So here is what the ones that got it right are doing.

·         It’s not about posting multiple times a day, or multiple times every week.  It is about hitting your mark with the customers you want be dealing with.

·         It’s about sharing valuable information, a little bit of personal information about the business and its employees as well as a handful of ads in between.

·         It’s then about being responsive and using social media as a lead generation and communication tool. Everything is there. You can get close to finishing the entire process online: from interest, to initial communication, to answering questions and in many cases closing the deal.

So how are you using social media for your business? Does your strategy include the personal touch? Are you using it as a lead generation tool? Or are you just there?